U.S. Military Accused Of Telling Soldiers To Overlook Afghan Abuse Of Boys



This case has been in the news lately and I wanted to express my opinion about this event that have been happening in Afghanistan. 

As you have seen in the video two U.S. soldiers used force to get their message to the Afghan leaders who sexually abused boys. The soldiers threw them to the floor multiple times and told them never to go near that boy or his mother again. These two soldiers were relieved of their duties after they ignored orders. U.S. soldier Dan Quinn talked about the reason why the soldiers were ordered to ignore this crime.

“The reason we weren’t able to step in with these local rape cases was we didn’t want to undermine the authority of the local government,” Quinn said. “We were trying to build up the local government. Us acting after the local government fails to can certainly undermine their credibility.” 

Many may ask “Did they do what is right?” You could look at this two ways. First, they didn’t follow the commander’s orders thus committing a crime by intervening in Afghan law. Second, they are enforcing Afghan laws and standing up for children. I agree with the soldiers behavior and believe that abuse is wrong and the soldiers did the right thing even though it may cost a relationship with the Afghan leaders. These soldiers actually did a heroic thing, yet they get punished for it. There is member of congress standing up for these men fighting to let the soldiers continue on their career. 

I think that this act should not go unnoticed and I want people to think, “Is this crime okay?”



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